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That "one day" is now. Build that business you've been dreaming of and create a brand you're proud of. It's time to back yourself, be bold, and take that leap you know you need to. Beyond the edge of fear lies the life you've always yearned for – a life filled with purpose and boundless freedom.

Create a Life of Purpose & Freedom?

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So, you're ready to ditch the DIY struggles and that clunky first website? You've come to the right place! Whether you're a coach, a healer or a creative, your business is more than just a passion project—it's your calling. You've poured time and effort into your own growth, and now it's time to channel that energy into a professional online presence that not only showcases your brilliance but also books your dream clients.

Building Brands with Soul

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Two weeks. You and me. The brand and website of your dreams. No long, drawn-out process here. No more procrastinating, the world is waiting for your gifts. 
You'll get a mini-brand kit to guide your website and social media look and feel, and a 5 page Showit website that you - and your clients - love.

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Still exploring your calling?  Feeling lost in the online jungle or overwhelmed by tech?
Then you might be in need of a strategy session to get you on the right track. 
During our 60 minute call we'll dive straight into some deep work that will leave you feeling super clear on your strategy and next steps moving forward.

Consulting & Strategy Session

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In Sanskrit, Kriya means "action, to do". Kriya is "action that leads us to evolution, expansion and liberation." Kriya yoga can help prepare ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually for the transformative experience we undertake when stepping into our true power. Follow along when you need that extra motivation.

Kriya Yoga & Breathwork

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So how did a Corporate Marketer find herself dancing in the Himalayas with a flower in her hair you may be wondering? 
Ah, there's a story behind that...

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I use many, many different software tools to run my business. Over the years I've honed the best free tools to build your empire on a budget. Grab it here!

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