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Everything you need to build your online business - today

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Everything you need to launch or elevate your business - from branding, to website, to social media templates

Branding Kit

Custom Website

Social Templates

Training Videos

A Fresh Brand That Truly Represents Your Business

1. Define your brand

We'll take you through our signature branding experience, featuring a live Pinterest Mood Board, two different brand options, custom fonts, colour palette and a word-mark logo to use throughout your business.

A Beautiful Branded Custom Showit Website

2. build your Custom website

Having built numerous websites on WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify over the last 8 years, I believe Showit is far and away the best. Easy to update, beautiful to look at with SEO built in, its simply the best platform for personal brands.

A Full Month of Branded Social Media Templates

3. Branded social media templates

Never again get stuck wondering about what to post on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Linked-In.  These 30+ custom-branded templates will kick start your cross-channel marketing strategy  and start building a cohesive brand presence in the market.

My website before working with Fee, was hosted God knows where, I had a web developer in Nepal who had access to all my passwords. It was a complete mess! I didn't know where anything was.
Fiona just made everything so easy.

Our smooth on-boarding process with robust questionnaires to get to the bottom of your business.

A strategic, custom-built website designed to attract your ideal clients, built on the world's best platform.

A clear start-to-finish process, with timings, communications and actions from the start.

A clear off-boarding process including detailed videos to easily update your website yourself.

A fun and fast interactive brand strategy that takes the stress and confusion out of brand creation.

The website process you've been waiting for

Why you need this:

I am super happy with the results! Thank you, Fiona, for your expertise, patience, and making the whole experience an enjoyable one.

Working with Fiona at The Soul Hive has been a pleasure! As the owner of Inner Shine, a business focused on healing modalities like Reiki, Intuitive Massage, and Reflexology, I needed help with my digital presence. I appreciated the technical support and insight when it comes to the websites, Fiona made the whole process quite easy.
She walked me through the entire process with patience, explaining each step along the way. Fiona not only helped me create beautiful website, but she also provided training videos that made it a breeze to update and learn the Showit system.

shane blythe

Fiona was professional in every way, organising meetings and following up requests and information required. 

 I loved the way she used Pinterest as a board to select moods and colours. I have much more to learn and understand as I am not a technical savvy person so will continue learning from what Fiona has shared with me. Thank you Fiona. Jill HQ

jill healy-quintard

I highly recommend using The Soul Hive to help launch or progress your business.  I am a sole trader and have been running a bakery business for the last 3 years with limited online presence.  I had tried on several occasions to build a website myself but it is a lot more difficult than I had anticipated! 

The portal made things very easy to capture everything I wanted from the website and Fee set tasks with deadlines which kept everything on track and you could easily see how things were progressing.  I also liked the function of scheduling a call with Fee to talk things through.  Nothing was too much trouble

Hannah Gurney

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The Investment 

Everything you need to build your online business

All delivered in just one design week

Pay in full, or via one of our handy payment plans 



only $4,400 until 30 June 2024

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$ 2,750


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$ 5,500


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$ 1,900


All price in AUD + GST
If paying by payment plan, your beautiful new website will be delivered on the last payment, so please plan for this in your launch strategy.

Pick the plan that works for you

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$ 4,400

$ 1,520

$ 2,200

Book and Pay for your Experience

Follow the links to the checkout page to take advantage of the whopping 30% discount. Pay either in full or by installment. Start collating your assets and get ready for your start date!


Prepare for your Start Date

Prior to the Kick Off Call, I'll invite you to my project dashboard on Notion. This is where you'll add all o f your content prior to start:  images, copy, product links, videos etc. You'll fill out my  signature questionnaire so I understand exactly what your project needs. Note: all action steps must be completed prior to start. 


Kick Off Call

The big day is here! I've received everything I need, and we'll meet face to virtual face in Google Meet where I'll go through any questions I still have before we talk brand and website design. Whether you've opted for the one day, one week or two week intensive, I'll guide you through the step by step process.


Get Designing

Now for the fun part! I jump in feet-first and start designing your dream site. We start with your mini-brand kit. Once approved by you we move on to designing your home page, and once that is confirmed we complete the rest of the site. Your approval is required at every step of the process so  we are constantly aligned and there are no surprises!



Prior to launching your website we undertake a refinement process where we look over your entire design, make sure there are no bugs or linking issues, and test on multiple devices to make sure the design looks and works seamlessly.


Launch & Celebrate

Once we are all happy with the final result, it is time to press publish & celebrate the launch - you're live, baby!


Here's How it Works

After two decades navigating the corporate maze of advertising, marketing, and communications, my role came to a sudden end. I didnt even think about it - I bit the bullet and ventured out on my own.

The story of how I landed here? Well, it's a bit like a rollercoaster, and like all good tales, it starts with a pivotal moment.

Picture this: it's February '23, I'm at the end of a weekend ceremony, casually dishing out advice to a facilitator about how to scale his business, when suddenly it hit me - why am I in Corporate when i want to be doing this? I want to help small, heart-centered businesses for a living. The universe seemed to agree because, come Monday, my corporate gig was made redundant, and my journey into the world of web design began.

But as with all great adventures, this journey wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. I battled self-sabotage, redesigned my website more times than I'd like to admit, and found myself swimming in a sea of tech overwhelm. And that's when it clicked again. Business-owners like you don't need another online maze to navigate; you need a partner who gets it. I've done the hard work for you. So, here I am, ready to guide you through the web design jungle, so you can focus on what you do best—serving your community.

I'm Fee,
ex Corporate-Marketer-Turned-Web Designer

Imagine finally having your dream online business set up and running smoothly

hitting your 2024 goal early


Launched a business? Check. Ready to back yourself? Check. So ready to bloom? Check. You're ready, babe. The Soulful Suite Website Experience is for spiritual entrepreneurs with a launching, scaling or established online business. A leader guided by equal parts financial and spiritual freedom, with a killer growth mindset to boot. A boss-babe hell-bent on launching an entirely new, high-vibe, evolution-ready brand and website that truly embodies her higher self with ease.

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Your Soulful Suite Website Experience is delivered via Showit - meaning any tweaks and changes you desire can flow more effortlessly than your morning manifestation (whether you're a design pro or total novice). With it's user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop functions and 100% customizable format, you already know there are a million reasons I'm a Showit fan through and through and that's why I truly believe this is the perfect platform for our work together.

PLUS! To make it even easier for you, you'll receive comprehensive training videos that show you step by step how to make the updates you need to keep your site fresh.

who is the soulful suite for?

Put simply? The Soulful Suite is for the growing gal with that success-seeking soul. You're in the beginning stages of growth and ready to lay down some serious roots that scream 'I didn't just come to play'. No more novice branding or DIY website, the fast-tracked, high-value, Soulful Suite Experience will take you from 'who's the new girl?' to 'who's this game-changer?' - usually in under 4 weeks.

For my ladies with the brand and business on lock, but the branding unaligned and messy, the Soulful Suite is also for you. You don't just want to be noticed, you want to be seen. You don't want to be heard you want to be listened to. You don't want to be considered you want to be craved. So you're ready for a brand and website that makes you a household-freaking-name. That's what this high-touch, all-in-one, completely-custom experience is all about. 

The brand & web design experience your soul has been craving

Be fearless. Be bold. Outgrow, outrun and outdo. With a true one-on-one custom branding & website experiences made for energetically-attuned women building a creative empire.

Ready to lead the way?

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